Advanced technologies for development of underground equipment

for oil, gas and gas-condensate wells

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Packer-anchor equipment

Design, manufacturing, sales, engineering and technical maintenance, repair, lease

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Obtained the License № 11D-0068, entitling to put the monogram on the products, which meet the requirements of the API 11D1 (Packers and bridge plugs) specification and the Certificate of Registration of the Quality Management System, according to the requirements API Q1 for design, manufacturing and sales the packer anchor equipment for oil and gas industry from American oil institute API.

Axial Mechanical Packer PVM-О (KV) M

with cable input, modernized, with increased diameter of pass, which construction allows to provide mounting without infraction of electric power cable core’s integrity.

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Controlled interception valve KO-U

which withstand differential pressure up to 1000 atmospheres with simultaneously conducting through it multi fracture operation.

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