Diverter sub KP-D

Diverter sub KP-D

Main Features and Benefits

  • Proppant-tolerant components;
  • Minimized casing washout risk if fracturing fluid pumped through the sub;
  • Grooves on the housing of the sub to allow communication with the annulus;
  • Internally nitrided components are case-hardened, durable and corrosion-tolerant to resist fracturing fluid;
  • Tool's components are plated or coated with phosphate.


  • Selective fracturing assemblies.

Request info

KP-D 120
Casing size (in / mm)
5.0 / 127
OD (in / mm)
4.72 / 120
Connection* (in / mm)
3.5 NU / 88.9
Length, in, no more than
Weight, lbs, no more than
Total Flow Area of Side Ports, in²
* Optional box (top) and pin (bottom) thread connections are available.
Higher performance valve available for hostile environments - K2 Model.
Other sizes of the valve are available on request.
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