Downhole flow control valve KZ

Downhole flow control valve KZ

Main Features and Benefits

  • Body design allows for optimum outflow to resist casing washouts;
  • Volume of fluid injected from each formation can be adjusted by selecting a choke of a different size;
  • Metering of injected volume;
  • Retrievable sleeve distributes injected fluid between the zones;
  • Sleeve is effectively sealed with packing rings;
  • Sleeve retrieval is accomplished with standard fishing tools on wireline.


  • Water injection wells;
  • Dual injection;
  • Intrawell injection.

Request info

KZ 114-35
Valve size
OD (in / mm)
4.49 / 114
ID (in / mm)
2.17 / 55
Connection* (in / mm)
2.875 NU / 73.03
Length, in, no more than
Weight, lbs, no more than
Working Pressure, psi
Maximum temperature, °F
* Optional box (top) and pin (bottom) thread connections are available.
** Working pressure rating may be increased to 7252 psi.
*** High-temperature (302 °F) model of the valve is available on request.
Higher performance valve available for hostile environments – K2 Model.
Other sizes of the valve are available on request.
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